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30 New FHG's - Июнь 14, 2006
We've added 30 new free hosted galleries to the Ad Tools today featuring some fresh new faces, in both softcore and hardcore.
Unbelievable Ratios - Май 27, 2006
So far for this Pay Period (May 16-31), CraziesCash is maintaining an amazing ratio of 1:467. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us with these awesome numbers!
Detailed Stats - Май 15, 2006
We have added Detailed Stats to CraziesCash which allows you to see the number of recurring members, cancels and chargebacks/refunds all at a glance.
New TGP Template Added - Май 12, 2006
A new TGP Gallery Template has been added to the Ad Tools section. Access them instantly by Clicking Here.
10 Galleries Up - Май 9, 2006
10 more mature galleries were added today for promoting Their respective templates have been udated as well. Find them all withing the Ad Tools. :)
Another 10 Galleries - Май 3, 2006
10 new mature galleries have been added to the Ad Tools section.
5 More Galleries - Апрель 27, 2006
You can find another 5 free hosted galleries available inside the Ad Tools section.
5 New Galleries - Апрель 26, 2006
5 new galleries have been added to the Ad Tools section. The gallery templates have been updated as well.
New Content zips - Апрель 21, 2006
12 new content zips have been added to the ad tools section for promoting Completely 2257 compliant.
5 Gallery Templates - Апрель 20, 2006
Affiliates now have 5 TGP Gallery templates to choose from. Visit the Ad Tools for more information.

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